How to Create a Calendar App: The Detail Guide


Head to the official documentation for some complex examples and use cases for React-Calendar. I hope this tutorial leaves you with the foundational knowledge you need to implement and customize React-Calendar to suit your app and its audience. The defaultValue prop enables you to set a default selected value. This prop also supports the default date range selection.

how to build a calendar app

But there are far more other apps that require a calendar. Users can draw lines around important notes so the Slice Planner app will capture them. This enables users to save, share, and attach notes to their calendar events. The Slice Planner app needed to be capable of moving handwritten plans to online calendars (Google, Apple, and Outlook).

Smartsheet Calendar App

An online calendar allows you to track RSVPs and responses. For example, rather than sending the agenda of meeting to everyone in the company, you could send it to the ones who would be attending. In such cases, an online calendar helps in scheduling the recurring event or appointment. To attract more users, integrate advanced features for enhanced users’ experience.

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Masks Work. So What Went Wrong with a Highly Publicized COVID ….

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The basic structure of a calendar is nothing more than a grid displaying a series of dates. In Power Apps we can construct this grid by using a vertical gallery control. Multiple dates can how to make a calendar app be shown on the same row with the WrapCount property. To increase security, you can use the devices’ hardware. For example, your calendar can utilize Apple’s 3D Touch or Force Touch.

Create a new calendar

This is a benefit of an online calendar compared to a paper one. Users can also set up a chat or schedule their messages at a specific time on Telegram. An in-app calendar increases the functionality of the app and serves a better user experience. The calendars can have good filings, different interfaces, and good designs.

how to build a calendar app

For improvised security, you can make use of the device’s hardware. For instance, the calendar can avail Force Touch or Apple’s 3D Touch. Also, leverage the geolocation of the device for enhancing the functionalities of the application. The Gregorian Calendar has been the most widely used in the world since the year 1582. It was an improvisation of the Julian Calendar and hasn’t changed since its launch.

Productivity Booster for Your Calendar App

Also, they can choose the appropriate time and date for the delivery. These features may be integrated into the app of the other domain or be the MVP (minimal viable product) ones for the calendar software solution. Moreover, for business requirements, it should provide sync with iCloud and Google. Google and Apple provide lots of APIs for integrating into a calendar application.

When you log in as an app member, you can check the schedule created by the administrator on the in-app calendar list screen. When you log in as an app member, you can check the schedule created by the administrator on the calendar list screen. DevTeam.Space has extensive experience in end-to-end software development, which includes project management experience. They provide oversight to our developers, furthermore, they offer project management support. We explained how to build a scheduling software application. You need local holiday days data, etc., to build an appointment scheduling app.

Step 1: Plan the Project

You must make sure that your app is synchronized across all connected gadgets. Include all appropriate resources in your calendar and assign them fast to the favorable booking slot by creating dependencies among them. Irrespective of the number of employees, or devices, streamline all meetings using this unique feature.

  • To make it comfortable and useful, educational platforms integrate calendars.
  • Apple and Google offer a lot of APIs to integrate into a calendar app.
  • But that’s not all; you can also schedule events and broadcast announcements, enhancing your app’s functionality and user engagement.
  • They can also view the calendar by logging in to the Calendar App.

According to the project specification, the manager will monitor the stages of work and make changes. For professionals working remotely, the function of the event schedule is vital. This is useful for a multi-party meeting that can be accessed online no matter where they are.

How to Build a Calendar App in 2023? [Complete Guide for Startups]

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to deal with time because of an increasing number of occasions to attend and tasks to finish for work and leisure. But it can be challenging and complicated to create a calendar app from the beginning or integrate an in-app calendar. There is no way to share Google calendars using the mobile apps, whether you’re using Android or iOS.

A lot of medical websites and apps (Acuity Scheduling) integrate calendar features to allow scheduling appointments with doctors or tracking drugs intake. Online education is becoming more and more popular these days. To make it comfortable and useful, educational platforms integrate calendars. There are a bunch of different ways to use the in-app calendar (scheduling courses, lectures, tests, and more). Also, apps can send users notifications informing about the beginning of the course, scheduled event, and more.

Step 6: Add new users

It is not very infamous for us today to utilize a variety of tools. This means that if you want to better the performance of your calendar app, integrate it with the existing toolkit. Natural Language Processing is another shade of Artificial Intelligence.


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