What is Docker Swarm Mode and When Should You Use It?


In order to get the most out of this article you should be familiar with basic Docker concepts, like containers, images, the Dockerfile and Docker Compose. If you need a refresher on these topics, please go to my previous tutorials first. Alternatively you can get my book for a complete guided experience.

docker swarm example

When running Docker Engine in swarm mode, you can use docker stack deploy to
deploy a complete application stack to the swarm. The deploy command accepts
a stack description in the form of a
Compose file. If you check visualizer now, then you’ll notice that all 6 replicas are still running on the manager node.

Bake file reference

However, in addition to the Docker platform, the company Docker, Inc. also offers Docker Swarm which is a container orchestration tool comparable to Kubernetes. While other platforms enable enterprises to work with containers, Docker has gained popularity thanks to its ease of use and scalability. Today, Docker is a staple of cloud-native apps that use microservices architecture and CI\CD pipelines at enterprises of all sizes.

In this write-up, we learned what is Docker Swarm, along with that understood the Swarm mode key concepts and how Docker Swarm works. We also explored Kubernetes vs. Docker Swarm, and why we use Docker Swarm. In the end, we also saw a case study on ‘How to set up Swarm in the Docker ecosystem’. Please feel free to put it in the comments section of this article “what is Docker swarm”, our experts will get back to you at the earliest. By executing the above command, you can access the HelloWorld file from the remote system.

Without machine

With this information, the
nodes are able to log into the registry and pull the image. To create a single-replica service with no extra configuration, you only need
to supply the image name. This command starts an Nginx service with a
randomly-generated name and no published ports.

  • After the registry is running we can continue with pushing the local image to the registry using the push command.
  • We can list the services in our stack with docker stack services nodeapp or the services in the entire Swarm with docker service ls, let’s try the latter.
  • To strengthen our understanding of what Docker swarm is, let us look into the demo on the docker swarm.
  • Tasks are monitored for 20 seconds after rollback to be sure they do
    not exit, and a maximum failure ratio of 20% is tolerated.

Additionally, it is a best practice to implement a regular rotation schedule for
any secret including swarm join tokens. We recommend that you rotate your tokens
at least every 6 months. https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ If you haven’t already, read through the
swarm mode key concepts
and try the swarm mode tutorial. Log out of node-2, and then repeat this process with node-3 to add it to your cluster.

Give a service access to volumes or bind mounts

In the demo, you’ll learn how to gain full control and visibility for containers throughout a multi-cloud environment. For a closer look at container security, download our free Container Security Guide. Regardless of the container orchestration platform or container engine an enterprise uses, securing container workloads is a must. Because containers are fundamental components of enterprise infrastructure, they are also high-value targets for attackers.

docker swarm example

Prepend regular container management commands with docker service to list services, view their logs, and delete them. Once your nodes are ready, you can deploy a container into your swarm. Swarm mode uses the concept of “services” to describe container deployments. Each service configuration references a Docker image and a replica count to create from that image.

Using a Database Server Instead of SQLite

Manager nodes distribute and schedule incoming tasks onto the Worker nodes, maintain the cluster state and perform orchestration and cluster management functions. Manager Nodes can also optionally run services for Worker nodes. A service is a group of containers of the same image that enables the scaling of applications.

Follow this guide and configure the firewalls for each host. Open the proper ports on the manager, then repeat to open the ports on the two client nodes. We defined a custom network in our Compose file, and Docker automatically created this network when we deployed our stack.

Understanding Kubernetes

To run a Docker container, it’s important to pull a Docker Image (such as MySQL) from Docker Hub. If one of the containers fails, we can use the Swarm to correct that failure. Before getting started with what Docker Swarm is, we need to first understand what Docker is as a platform. For more information on how to create data volumes and the use of volume
drivers, see
Use volumes.

docker swarm example

Bake automatically determines the type of
a context based on the pattern of the context value. Aside from syntactic differences,
HCL lets you use features that the JSON and YAML formats don’t support. The folder k8s-specifications contains the YAML specifications of the Voting App’s services. Besides Swarm, there are multiple docker swarm orchestrator alternatives on the market that you can choose from. The top 4 products considered by most projects are Google’s Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Mesos and HashiCorp’s Nomad. This wizard is a great place to start, if you’d like to follow along a complete step-by-step setup, you can find one in my Docker book.

Drain a node:

When we deployed our stack to the Swarm, our user defined network was created in the form of an overlay network. Overlay is the default driver when you are using the Compose file in Swarm mode. You can follow the progress regularly running the command to list the tasks in the Node service. You’ll see that the containers are updated in waves as expected. Use the docker service logs command to see the logs of a service, the options are similar to the options of docker container logs. We used this command before when we created the visualizer service.


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